Future Food Lines Coming To America

food lines

(Austin Petersen)  A user from the popular image sharing site imgur has uploaded a series of photos showing food lines in Venezuela. The lines are undoubtedly the result of new price controls that President Nicolas Maduro has instituted as an effort to tame inflation.

The “Fair Price Law” is causing devastating shortages due to the fact that by putting caps on prices eliminates the the first law of economics, supply and demand. The law sets a maximum profit margin of 30% and requires firms to obtain “fair price” certificates to access dollars through the government’s currency system.

People reportedly wait in line up to four hours to get food at the grocery store.















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  • How Not To Play The Game

    Stop the wars. Feed the world. Not such a difficult solution. There are only a few humans that are stopping us from doing this. Maybe we should stop them from stopping us. I think that we should.

    • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

      all those who tried are dead or vanish !!

    • Ann England

      You can stop every war, but if you have Marxist Socialist governments, or Muslim governments you will still have the food problem.

    • puckles

      If that is truly what you believe, then you should by all means make plans to stop the current leader of Venezuela, Maduro. He is the one currently implementing the draconian price controls that are starving Venezuelans. He expects people to sell products to Venezuela for less than it costs to produce them, never mind transport them. Price controls, like communist 5 years plans, never work; they simply drive product away.

    • MacFly1

      The only thing worse than the socialists are the oligarchical globalist elites. Same result, i.e. in communism the state owns the banks. In crony capitalism, the banks own the states. And of course the elites go back and forth between them w/a revolving door so its really the same result. Wealth for the few, everybody else can go suck eggs (if you can find them).

  • Alleged Comment

    This is what happens when you put communist fascist people in power. Long lines for everything! They are the rock stars you know, and their ticket to their concerts are lack of all necessities for life.

    So, if you are convicted of a crime they just take you out back and shoot you. Can’t wait in line for prison, lack of guards, a necessity of communist life also.

  • MacFly1

    What a stupid arse country. Maduro is even more uneducated economically than Chavez. At least Chavez understood that you can’t just print money (although he did print a lot, just not this crazy amount). Maduro’s printed enough money to cause almost 60% inflation. And, DUH, guess what happens? They don’t see the result in their own actions, so they IMPOSE PRICE CONTROLS. And then everything sells out. So they crack down on the black market.

    Same old same old with the socialists. It NEVER WORKS. So they blame the people and CRACK DOWN. So the people eventually have enough and rise up and kill ‘em all and peace and free market prosperity return. Until the people who benefit send their kids to the leftist universities to get “educated” by the Marxist college professors. Then they gain high office and decide to PRINT MONEY!!!

    Rinse, repeat

  • chip griffin

    just wait until you must have the mark of the beast to stand in line. it comes after the reset and it takes your soul with it! what is it? it is a shot with a digatal chip inside it, the new bank of the world inside each person. DO NOT GET IT AT THE COST OF DEATH!

  • Wallace

    3 out of the last 4 years, the world has produced less food than it consumed. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

  • molaki

    For those “locked” in places like Venezuela, assymetric warfare is your only salvation. Gov’t workers, gov’t officials, police, army, etc., all have times they are unguarded. Find those times and places and start taking back your country.

  • http://www.prfjmad.blogspot.com/ Prof. Juan Manuel Alonso D.

    Images can be used in many forms, with many different purposes in mind. What the persons that post these photos and many others don’t tell, and will never tell, is the real reasons for the situations depicted in them. For instance, they won’t tell you that many private retailers, wholesale enterprises and distributors hide the merchandise to create a false lack of food and goods, and in that way create the proper environment for speculation completely out of control; they won´t tell you that many private manufacturers and producers deviate, to the borders of the country we share with Colombia, the products they manufacture, thus trying to provoke lack of food and goods. They won’t tell you that private companies dedicated to import food and goods ask the government for dollars to import food and goods, but then, after getting those dollars from the nation, they just import little amounts of junk and use most of the dollars obtained to place them in the black market to speculate with them. And obvioulsly, and most of all, they won’t tell you that the government has been fighting each and every illegal action performed by those criminals that are having the Venezuelan people to suffer the lack of food and goods. And the government is getting more and more succesful in that fight. That’s why the people opposing the government, getting desperate because they don’t get to succeed in their intentions to get rid of the legitimate government, started to create violent situations in strategic regions and cities. Now, there’s one more thing those people won’t tell you: that the majority of the Venezuelan population is clear about all these things and is one with its legitimate government, and will do whatever it takes to defend it and the policies it promotes and puts into action. By the way, ¿haven’t you noticed that nobody says that people don’t have money to buy what they need? That’s because, contrary to past times, since the Bolivarian government started to govern, people has had the opportunities to make money. But once more, the opposition won’t tell you that, of course.

    • Pamplonaman

      You must have your head up your backside if you think this way. Businesses exist to make money. I know that is a shocking statement for you but enterprise just wants to get on and run their business and make a profit without jumping through endless bureaucratic and govt. regulations. Whenever ANY government gets involved in price controls or market restrictions it always causes problems. Just look around at free markets in other countries, no shortages of food available. What makes Venezuela so special? Ok the prices may be extortionate but that soon abates as the high prices and profit margins attract new competition which in turn makes prices fall. It you think that grocery stores and farmers have time to create shortages with PERISHABLE FOOD then you really have to open your eyes. PERISHABLE FOOD goes rotten. Yes it needs to be SOLD when it is ripe and harvested. Not held back to create shortages. This situation is all about the elitist government controlling everything, destroying the currency and making it too damn difficult to do business with taxes, import controls, customs, regulations etc. Tell the government to get out of the way, stop screwing with your economy and money and the problem will soon disappear.

  • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

    The food lines in America have been around for quite awhile. It’s called food stamps.

    • Dan1959

      Hmmm, never thought about it that way. You might be right.