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33 Awesome DIY Projects for Preppers

Looking for your next DIY project for preppers? Look no further we have collected some of the best DIY projects for preppers from around the web. 

Whether it's DIY survival gear or prepping for the unknown we are sure to have something for everyone regardless of your skill levels.

Make no mistake about it the true path to preparedness and complete self sufficiency starts ​with having the skills to repair, make, adjust and substitute all of the essentials that we rely on in our daily lives.

Making sure you a prepped for emergencies or for the long term is the sure fire way to protect yourself and your family from whatever the future may throw at you.

Having a bug out bag or a survival backpack stocked and ready to go is great for the short term emergency when you have to vacate your home. ​However, on the other side of the prepping coin being able to replace items that you may usually find at a market or hardware store is crucial to your long term success and general comfort. 

Keeping your home up and running when the stores are shut for extended periods or when items are in short supply is one of the best ways to keep a sense of comfort and security.

We hope that some of these projects can help you on your path to self preparedness!​

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